For impatient girls (hello!), our idea of nail art is a fresh mani adorned with the inevitable imprint of bed sheets, strands of hair and smudges of any kind, really. Of course, we don’t actually want these designs, they’ve just become a given with every
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Every week, we round up the best beauty moments of the week or address a topic that’s been on the forefront of our hearts and minds. But every once in a while, we encounter a week where everybody successfully attends the Met Gala, and/or nobody
We’ll point the finger at the friend who encouraged a third glass of wine with dinner, or the bartender who was too generous with his vodka-to-soda ratio. Whatever (whoever?) the reason may be for getting a little too cocktail-happy during a night on the town,
The right equipment can bring significant benefits to your treatments. You’ll increase the number of treatment options you can offer your patients while your practice achieves increased revenues and greater patient satisfaction. Our equipment specialists can provide the advice and guidance you will need to
Do you or someone you know get the wintertime “blues”? Less sunlight in the winter, coupled with more time indoors, can trigger what is known as “Seasonal Affective Disorder” in many people. SAD can prove to be a serious form of depression and reduce the
Think that luxe, effective beauty products have to cost a pretty? Let’s bust that myth right now! We took a spin to our local drug and mass market stores and found some cool new stuff. And the best part? These innovative new beauty finds are